Summer Residency: Practice Makes Perfect

June 29, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from Aimée van Drimmelen, an emerging artist and illustrator from Montréal, Canada, who is taking part in SVA’s Summer Residency Program in illustration.

On Friday night we walked over to artist Michael Alan’s Draw-a-Thon, a bi-weekly drawing event he’s been putting on at the Gershwin Hotel that took place for one night only at the Chelsea Art Museum. The main room was filled with 20 or so live models in master/slave-themed macabre psychedelic costumes that Alan had designed and built. Participants were invited to draw/paint/create to their heart’s content, inspired by the theatre/modeling taking place before us. I was lucky enough to have my ink and sketchbook with me, and made use of the free iced tea in lieu of water. It was a very energizing event, and Alan’s personal work is definitely worth checking out, too.

In addition to that event, there is so much going on this last week of the Residency Program. I realized I was forgetting how to use colour, and to break out of this a bit I did these abstract circular ink pieces. I’m still not sure if I’ll incorporate them into an illustration or let them stand alone. Each original is on a piece of 11×17” paper and I hope to do a few more.

Alongside our illustration assignments, I’m working on an ink portrait series—something I was just getting into before leaving Montreal. I’m working from the excellent photographs of my good friend Caroline Desilets, who has been shooting portraits of local artists (including Jack Dylan, below) for a few years now. While this series is just “practice” for me, I really like the way they are turning out. I’ll be building a series of six posters incorporating portraits, hand lettering and decorative elements to show at our open studios event on Wednesday, July 1, 6 – 9 pm.

Images: Drawings by Aimée van Drimmelen, 2009.

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