Summer Residency: Going on Instinct

June 23, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from Tyler Vipond, a Toronto artist who is taking part in SVA’s Summer Residency Program in painting/mixed media.

This has been the most interesting piece to work on thus far, both because of the challenges it presented and the result yielded. This especially challenged me in its physical creation, as the wooden panel that the piece is mounted on is a trapezoid shape that also moves diagonally from the wall. I don’t have a wood shop at home, so I’ve been taking advantage of the one here at SVA to work on projects that would otherwise never be realized. Getting access to a wood shop is one problem to overcome; having a distinct lack of skill in geometry is another.

When the piece was finally put together and the photo was mounted, I had a number of critiques before I started to work at it. There was a real split of opinion amongst the instructors and students. There were some who didn’t want to see me cut into the work to bring the color out, but in the end I had to follow [faculty member] Tobi Kahn’s rule and go with my instincts.

Images: Tyler Vipond, untitled (full view and detail), 2009.

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