Summer Residency: Activated Space

June 15, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from Tyler Vipond, a Toronto artist who is taking part in SVA’s Summer Residency Program in painting/mixed media.

This work in progress is one of the first I’ve created at SVA’s painting/mixed media residency program. For a little over a year now I’ve been using paper on wood to create works that play in the space between genres—between 2D and 3D for example. I’ve recently become interested in how these works activate the space around them: How is the viewer’s comfort level altered by the way a piece hangs, or by the shadow it casts? This work was made with those questions in mind.

After a critique I can see that mounting is going to be an issue I have to deal with. The mounting materials, which are dismissible necessities to me, can come to the forefront and have a negative impact for viewers. This piece is bringing up all kinds of questions about unintentional aesthetics that I haven’t had to think about or deal with in the past.

Images: Tyler Vipond, two views of “Somebody wants to meet you”, 2009.

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