Slice of Light

June 19, 2009

A lighthouse is an enduring symbol of an old way of life, a solitary beam of light keeping storm-tossed ships from danger and guiding boats home through the fog. This summer, Iceland’s Reykjavik Arts Festival is re-claiming the lighthouse as a marker of contemporary creativity with “Stray Beacons,” in which four artists each create a site-specific installation for a quartet of lighthouses around the island nation.

Recent graduate Curver Thoroddsen (MFA 2009 Fine Arts) is one of the artists involved in the festival project. He is exhibiting an installation entitled Sliceland in the Bjargtangar lighthouse in Iceland’s West Fjords region. The piece is a conceptual pizza parlor with the “westest” pies in Europe, including the original regional concoction “puffin pizzas.” Speaking to Iceland Review about the project, Thoroddsen says that the project was inspired by his time at SVA and his two-year stint in New York City: “There are loads of pizza places [in NYC], so when I was asked to host an exhibition at Bjargtangar, the westernmost part of Europe—you can’t get any closer to America than right here—I thought it was ideal to open a pizza place.”

Thoroddsen will be running Sliceland out of the lighthouse through Monday, August 3; click here for a video of Curver in action at the pizzeria. For more information on the Reykjavik Arts Festival and “Stray Beacons,” visit

Image: The Bjargtangar lighthouse; photo by Curver Thoroddsen.

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