Interactive Interview

May 26, 2009

The June issue of Print magazine features an interview with Liz Danzico, chair of the MFA Interaction Design Department, by MFA Design Department Co-Chair Steven Heller. In the article, Danzico discusses the MFA Interaction Design Department, which the two co-founded: “This program is meant to create bridges to the business and design worlds, to give students a platform to begin this dialogue immediately.” Danzico also identifies emerging trends in the field and advises potential students of the importance of studying relationships between people in addition to the relationships between people and the products and services they use.

While the inaugural class will not begin coursework until the fall, the department is offering summer intensive courses through the Division of Continuing Education intended for incoming students, design professionals and anyone interested in the field of interaction design. Registration is currently open for the four-week courses that begin in July: Elements of Communication Design, Practice of Interaction Design and Practical Programming for Design.

Also, the department’s monthly Dot Dot Dot lecture series will continue through the summer. Click here to read previous Briefs coverage of the series.

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