Chewed Up

April 8, 2009

The work of faculty member Marilyn Minter is known for its strange glamour, and now she’s projecting that glamour onto perhaps her largest canvas yet. “Chewing Color” is a set of three video works, curated by Minter for public-art organization Creative Time, that is running throughout April on the giant screen outside of MTV’s Times Square studios.

The videos include Minter’s Green Pink Caviar, which is part of her recent series that features eerie close-ups of lipstick-covered mouths licking gourmet foods off glass; Star Bright, Star Might, by alumnus Kate Gilmore (MFA 2002 Fine Arts), which shows the artist struggling to fit herself into a star-shaped cutout; and Patty Chang’s Fan Dance, in which the artist stands against a white background as she’s sprayed with paint. “Chewing Color” is part of Creative Time’s ongoing At 44 1/2 series in Times Square; click here for more information about screening times and locations.

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