What’s In Store: Bucky, Bags and Beyond

March 24, 2009
  • Becoming Bucky Fuller by faculty member Loretta Lorance: This history of the idiosyncratic architect Buckminster Fuller uses Fuller’s own diaries and business records to take a new look at the origins of the famous Dymaxion House. (MIT Press, 2009.)
  • Looking to the Clouds for Daddy, illustrated by Jerry Craft (BFA 1984 Cartooning): This poignant children’s book follows three sisters as they remember their recently deceased father. The story is based on the real-life experiences of author Margo Candelario, whose husband died at a young age. (Karen Hunter Media, 2009.)
  • Lila Books and Lila Bags by Fernanda Cohen (BFA 2003 Illustration): The vibrant colors and designs of Cohen’s illustrations appear on this exclusive line of notebooks and handbags. The items are now available at fernandacohen.com and the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires.
  • The Kilroy Sonata by faculty member Louis Phillips: A collection of new poems that look at historical and literary events from the perspective of Kilroy, a WWII-era graffiti character. (Worldwide Audience Inc., 2009)
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