Play Day

March 31, 2009

On Friday, March 27, Manhattan’s Union Square was the location for Play Day, the final event for current student Chrissy Clark‘s thesis project “Everything Will Be Okay.” Clark, a student in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department, provided buckets of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, beanbags and jump ropes, giving passersby an opportunity to escape from their everyday stress. Clark conceived the project after she received positive feedback for a pamphlet that encouraged people to “take a minute and breathe,” created for faculty member James Victore‘s class. Play Day represents the culmination of research and responses to smaller events with similar messages she planned for her thesis in Joe Marianack’s portfolio class .

In order to use the prime Union Square location, Clark attended community board meetings and applied for a permit. In an interview with the Briefs, she said that she was impressed with how both kids and adults were really excited about Play Day, choosing to spend the afternoon doodling in the Square, rather than just rushing through. Many participants happened on the event while crossing the busy intersection, and Time Out New York listed it as part of “Your Perfect Weekend” in its March 26 issue.

Images: photos by Alia Dalal.

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