In the Press: Alumni Profiles in Print

March 23, 2009

Print magazine’s April issue focuses on “Design’s Rising Stars,” with a special feature titled “New Visual Artists 2009.” The magazine annually selects 20 up-and-coming artists under the age of 30, and among them this year are three recent graduates: Timothy Goodman (BFA 2007 Graphic Design), Randy Hunt (MFA 2007 Design) and Josef Reyes (BFA 2005 Graphic Design).

Additionally, Print praises departments across SVA in the article “Art School Confidential,” a guide to the best design classes and programs around the world. In particular, the issue highlights faculty member Paul Sahre‘s portfolio class in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department. Sahre tells Print, “Why spend that last year on getting a portfolio together for a job, when you could spend that year getting you ready for 10 years from now?” Accordingly, instead of creating hypothetical “real world” assignments, Sahre asks his students to develop topics of their choice and look for consistent themes in their work. The article also commends the MFA Design Department in the Business School category and the MFA Design Criticism Department in Theory.

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