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March 4, 2009

The photography duo Reed+Rader, composed of alumni Pamela Reed (BFA 2007 Photography) and Matthew Rader (BFA 2007 Photography), has proven to be more than the sum of its parts. The latest issue of The British Journal of Photography highlights the pair in a short list of “the hottest new fashion photographers.” Selecting from an international pool, the Journal picked seven artists who present fresh perspectives in the field. Although both Reed and Rader graduated from SVA less than two years ago, they are already being recognized in the field for their innovative use of technology and creative approach to fashion photography that frequently combines film, animation and illustration.

Read previous Briefs coverage of Reed+Rader here and see more of their work on the cover of fall 2008 issue of the Visual Arts Journal.

Images: (top) Reed+Rader, from galaticAmplification, 2008, mixed media and (right) Reed+Rader, from accelerando, 2008, mixed media

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