Whack Attack App

February 23, 2009

Since Apple’s release of the iPhone two years ago, the market for third-party applications for the portable devices has proliferated, and SVA creatives are venturing into this new frontier. Game designer and alumnus Casey Gatti (BFA 1999 Animation) just released Whack Attack! Games, a new a game application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Inspired by old-school arcade and tabletop games, Whack Attack! Games consists of three mini-games in one package. With the first two games, Blast-a-Mole and Memory Attack, players win virtual tickets that can be traded in to unlock additional themes, sound effects, music tracks and the third game Match-a-Mole. The application is available for purchase at the iTunes Store for $1.99.

Another animation alumnus making news is Julianna Cox (BFA 2003 Animation), who is one of the animators for the 3D, stop-motion animation film Coraline, currently in wide release. Based on a novella by British science-fiction author Neil Gaiman, the movie follows a young girl as she travels through a secret door to discover an alternate–and seemingly perfect–version of her own world. Read an interview with Coraline director Henry Sellick (who mentions Cox’s work) at Filmmonthly.com.

Image: Casey Gatti, 2009

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