My Deer

February 11, 2009

Visitors to the East Village neighborhood near Tompkins Park can see the latest installation project at The Phatory LLC by SVA alumnus, faculty and staff member Gary Sherman (BFA 1979 Fine Arts; MFA 1998 Fine Arts). “Deer Park” is based on a Buddhist legend from India, wherein a single deer sacrifices himself to a hunter in order to save the lives of the rest of the herd. Sherman’s new work examines this theme of the individual vs. the collective through his meticulous arrangement of several nearly identical faux-deer objects.

“Deer Park” will be on view at The Phatory, 618 East 9th Street, from February 13 – March 12, and there is an opening reception on Thursday, February 12, 7 – 9pm.

Image: “Deer Park” poster, 2009

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