It Girl

February 20, 2009

NYC’s latest installment of Fashion Week is drawing to a close, and an SVA alumnus is getting noticed as one of the hipper voices reporting from fashion’s front lines. Yuli Ziv (MFA 2005 Computer Art) runs the online magazine, which compiles blog posts and user submissions on the latest trends in fashion, entertainment, decor and more.

The New York Observer recently ran a profile about Ziv, who has been blogging about fashion for five years and founded MyItThings in 2007. In addition to the site, Ziv is also an active evangelist for online fashion and style reporting, starting an organization called The Style Coalition as a way to bring fashion bloggers together and unite behind a single set of ethics and standards. “All we want to do at the end of the day is help them out,” Ziv tells the Observer regarding the designers and events she and her fellow writers cover. “I’m only doing this because I love fashion.”

Photo of Yuli Ziv by Melissa Hribar.

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