Go (Lower) East

February 19, 2009

As the Lower East Side continues to become one of Manhattan’s prime neighborhoods, more art galleries and exhibition spaces are opening below Houston Street. Two SVA alumni have new solo exhibitions on the LES: Lisa Kirk (BFA 1991 Fine Arts) has “House of Cards” opening Friday, February 20, at Invisible-Exports, 14A Orchard Street. The show imagines a post-capitalist 21st century, as seen through a collection of 52 multimedia works assembled into an installation entitled Maison des Cartes. In addition to the artworks, the space will include an office that will allow visitors to buy “shares” of the installation and receive a portion of the work at the conclusion of the project. “House of Cards” is on view through Sunday, March 29.

Just a couple of blocks away is Heist Gallery, 27 Essex Street, which is currently showing “Boats Against the Current,” an exhibition of photographs by Andrea Tese (MFA 2007 Photography, Video and Related Media). The show brings together several works from the artist’s series After, which looks at the aftermath of events like hunting and childbirth. According to Tese, “I am interested in impermanence and mortality. The impression that an event or being has on this earth is often fleeting. The experience itself can have existed for just a second or less, and the ruins of it usually remain only a little longer.”

Images: (top) Lisa Kirk, Maison des Cartes, New York City, 2009; (bottom) Andrea Tese, Untitled from the series After, 2008.

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