Snow Business

December 5, 2008

As winter arrives at SVA, BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department faculty member Marco Ruesta and students in his Motion Graphics Essentials, C4D and After Effects course are getting in on the cold-weather fun. For an assignment from lifestyle magazine Complex, the class took photographs from its snowboarding feature article “Powder Limits” and transformed the still images into animated videos.
The five resulting motion graphics videos—created by Andrei Dan, Jordana Ferraro, Ryan Gottilla, Aleksander Ivanov, Honkit Lam, Brandon Lori, Edwin Lozano, Nak Kyu Oh, Hyun Jung Ra and Andy Rifken—have been posted on the Complex Web site, and readers are invited to cast votes for their favorites (click here). The video that garners the most votes will become the “official” version that runs alongside the “Powder Limits” article, and the creators of the winning work will be hired by Complex for a job in 2009.
Image: Brandon Lori, Edwin Lozano and Andy Rifken, still from “Powder Limits” video (detail), 2008.

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