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November 21, 2008

Two SVA authors are garnering shelf space at the nation’s booksellers with new titles out in November. Acting Chairman Milton Glaser has written Drawing is Thinking (Overlook Press, 2008), which looks at drawing as the fundamental source of artistic creation. Mixing personal reflections with many pages of his drawings, Glaser reflects on his career and his use of drawing as a tool to understand the world around him. The hardcover book is published by Overlook Press, which is also reissuing Glaser’s two other signature books, Art is Work and Graphic Design.

Also out this month is Visual Culture and Bioscience (Center for Art and Visual Culture, 2008) by BFA Fine Arts Department Chair Suzanne Anker. Based on a 2007 online symposium sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Anker’s book looks at how the disciplines of visual arts and bioscience overlap and interact. The contributing artists, scientists, historians and other experts touch on issues such as the role of artists in the lab, imaging in art and science, and the social dimensions of the science-art connection.
Image: Cover of Visual Culture and Bioscience (Center for Art and Visual Culture, 2008).

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