The Human Animal

October 24, 2008

Artist, curator and SVA alumnus Dan Halm (MFA 2001 Illustration as Visual Essay; BFA 1994 Illustration) has a new exhibition that considers the predilection of humans to create and keep trophies of their animal counterparts. “Skin Trade,” which opens at Chashama ABC, 169 Avenue C, on Thursday, October 30, brings together sculpture, photography and other media to look at the practice of taxidermy, the culture of hunters and the drive to acquire keepsakes from the animal kingdom.

The work of three alumni is included in “Skin Trade”: Simen Johan (BFA 1996 Photography) presents his sculpturally enhanced taxidermy; Christian Siekmeier (MFA 2004 Photography, Video and Related Media) addresses his upbringing in a family of hunters with his Venison series; and Amy Stein (MFA 2006 Photography, Video and Related Media) contributes her staged photos of humans interacting with live and taxidermied animals. There will be an opening-night reception at Chashama, and the exhibition will be on view through Saturday, November 22.

Image: Amy Stein, Pelt, 2004.

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