Unconventional Thinking

September 5, 2008

David Levi Strauss, the chair of the MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department, is part of a timely new multimedia project titled The Electoral College. Working with visual artist Jon Winet, Strauss attended both the Democratic and Republican political conventions, posting immediate dispatches at america-the-globe.net/tec and on the Aperture Web site. Strauss and Winet have posted video interviews with delegates and voters, a Flickr photostream of convention images, and a blog of Strauss’ critical evaluations of the campaign events. The Electoral College project will continue through Election Day in November.

Another site paying close attention to the election process is Campaign Stops, a New York Times blog that features posts by MFA Design Department Co-chair Steven Heller. Subtitled “Strong Opinions on the 2008 Election,” the blog features regular dispatches from Heller on design issues in the campaign, including the visual staging of the conventions and the preponderance of lapel pins on candidate’s clothing.

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