Old Amsterdam

August 22, 2008

The stars are lining up over The Netherlands this season, with three members of the SVA community presenting work at three separate venues in Amsterdam. Domingo Milella (BFA 2005 Photography) has a solo show titled “Paesaggi” at Foam through Sunday, August 31. The exhibition features images from an ongoing project that takes as its central focus the postmodern landscape, from dwellings to urban periphery, and includes photographs taken by Milella in remote corners of Europe as well as Mexico.

Jalal Pleasant (1995 Fine Arts) is also in Amsterdam as part of “Aerosol Symphonies II,” which brings 30 artists from the world of street art to create works inspired by a piece of classical music, at GO Gallery through Saturday, September 13. The run of Dutch shows continues through the fall with current BFA Fine Arts Department student Joshua Allen Harris, whose work will be part of the Experimentadesign biennial, being staged at various locations throughout Amsterdam, September 18 – November 2.

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