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July 11, 2008

SVA alumni continue to be a big presence in the world of art and entertainment for kids. The behind-the-scenes work of Rami Efal (BFA 2005 Illustration) is part of the new Nickelodeon cartoon, Three Delivery. Efal is the storyboard artist for the show, which follows the adventures of three teenage heroes who have double lives making deliveries for a Chinese restaurant and fighting the evil Kong Li’s dangerous recipes from a magical cookbook. His storyboards map out the action for each episode of Three Delivery; Efal has previously storyboarded such popular kids’ shows as Ellen’s Acres, Kappa Mikey and Speed Racer: The Next Generation.

Also, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department alumnus Jonathan Bean (2005) has won a 2008 Boston Globe–Horn Book Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature for his book At Night (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). The 2007 book illustrates the story of a young girl unable to sleep during a hot night in the city. Bean’s watercolors show her up on the roof of her apartment building with her family as they try to catch a cooling breeze under the urban night sky.

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