Star Chamber

May 22, 2008

Alumnus Katherine Bernhardt (MFA 2000 Fine Arts) has invited some of her favorite fashion models, rappers and pop legends to be part of her latest exhibition, “Kate, Giselle, Natalia, Agyness, Simon, Kanye & George” at CANADA gallery, 55 Chrystie Street. Using magazines, album covers and billboards as reference materials, Bernhardt has created a series of large-scale paintings based on images of pop-culture figures. Model Kate Moss, musician Kanye West and several other celebrities are reconfigured, bending the stars into bursts of color and form that occasionally veer toward the abstract. Measuring 8×6 feet, the paintings tower over the viewer and suggest new ways to look at these familiar faces.

“Kate, Giselle, Natalia, Agyness, Simon, Kanye & George” is on view at the gallery through Sunday, June 1.

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