Serial Images

May 30, 2008

The well-received thesis project by alumnus Rachel Papo (MFA 2006 Photography, Video and Related Media) has been expanded into a new book called Serial No. 3817131. Published in both standard and limited editions by PowerHouse Books, the book’s images document the experiences of women serving in the Israeli military (the title is drawn from Papo’s own serial number, assigned during her service in the country’s Air Force).

An American-born Israeli, Papo was granted extraordinary access to these young women, capturing intimate images of training, down-time and other aspects of conscripted life. Throughout the 127-page book—Papo’s first published collection—her photographs explore the personal, complex and delicate spectrum of emotions inherent in all adolescents, showing the vulnerable side of these soldiers.

Image: Rachel Papo, cover of Serial No. 3817131, 2008.

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