Is There a Ninja in the House?

May 2, 2008

In the fleet-fingered shorthand that has grown around instant messaging and cell phone texting, one of the often-used abbreviations is ROFL, short for “rolling on the floor laughing.” At the recent ROFLCon gathering in Cambridge, Massachusetts, fans of online culture gathered to pay tribute to their favorite viral memes, one of which is the Web comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Created by SVA alumnus Chris Hastings (BFA 2005 Cartooning), Dr. McNinja charts the slightly surreal escapades of a doctor who also happens to be a ninja superhero.

Hastings created the character while still an undergraduate at SVA, and now publishes the comic three times a week at The site has been running since 2004, and Dr. McNinja’s peculiar world has come to be populated by a variety of offbeat characters, including the doctor’s sidekick, Gordito; a would-be hero named Beeman; and a surprisingly battle-ready version of Ronald McDonald. In addition to the online version of the comic, Hastings sells print copies of complete Dr. McNinja stories and other merchandise through his Web site.

Image: Dr. McNinja, © Chris Hastings.

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