May 30, 2008

Two SVA alumni are each one-half of a two-person show currently running on the Lower East Side. Diane Barcelowsky (BFA 2000 Fine Arts) has taken over the project room at Sloan Fine Art, 128 Rivington Street, for “Deathless.” She has papered the space with a series of new pen, ink and watercolor works populated by fantasy townships, impossible perspectives and invented animals, through June 7.

And Jonathan Hartshorn (MFA 2008 Fine Arts) is bringing half of the action to “No Greater Solitude,” a two-person show about the reclusive nature of abstraction and memory at Thierry Goldberg Projects, 5 Rivington Street, through Sunday, June 22. Hartshorn’s installations consist of small grotesque drawings and gory collages of paint, arranged in what appears to be a random dissonance, but is actually a careful reinterpretation of personal memories and fiction.

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