Mama Mia

March 7, 2008

The Lesley Heller Gallery, 16 East 77th Street, is currently running “Stardust,” an exhibition of work by alumnus Manuel Pardo (BFA 1978 Fine Arts) that pays tribute to his mother. At the age of eight Pardo was sent to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan, which evacuated over 14,000 unaccompanied children out of Cuba. He and his sister were placed with a family in Wisconsin and were reunited with their mother nearly four years later.

“Stardust” is an exploration into the memories of Pardo’s childhood, with work that looks at his mother’s life and the sacrifices she made for him. In this collection of drawings and paintings, Pardo gives his mother everything she did not have in real life: elaborate hairdos, fancy designer dresses and lavish surroundings, all seen through the lens of his childhood. The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 22. To see a video of Pardo talking about the show, click here.

Image: Manuel Pardo, Mother and I, #6, 2006–07; courtesy Lesley Heller Gallery.

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