Voyage to the Abstract

February 1, 2008

Silvio Wolf, and Italian artist who is a member of the faculty in both the BFA Photography and MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Departments, has a new solo exhibition of his work at the Robert Mann Gallery, 210 Eleventh Avenue. “Voyager” is an installation of 14 photographs that move back and forth between representation and abstraction. Beginning with an aerial view of seats at Milan’s famous opera house, La Scala, Wolf moves toward images that play with recognizable shapes and textures, with a final Rothko-esque panel that presents thoroughly abstracted forms. Throughout, Wolf plays with photography’s ability to both record images and capture patterns of light on film. “Voyager” is running through Saturday, March 15.

Also, alumnus Ryan Holden Singer (BFA 1999 Photography) has an exhibition of photography at the F/ocus gallery, 599 Eleventh Avenue, on view February 7 – 10. The show collects Singer’s anthropological portrait work from around the world—including China, India and Nepal—with a portion of all proceeds going to international charitable organizations.

Image: Silvio Wolf, Chance 03 (Horizon 16), 2006; ©Silvio Wolf, Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery, New York.

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