Platinum Talent

February 15, 2008

Graphis, one of the preeminent publishers of graphic communication work, has just released its New Talent Annual 07/08 and SVA is the publication’s dominant player. The 250-page hard-bound annual opens with a tribute to the recent passing of SVA founder and Chairman Silas H. Rhodes, honoring his lifelong pursuit of excellence in graphic design education. This is followed by a feature interview with BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department Chair Richard Wilde. “My central philosophy is that everyone is creative,” says Wilde in the interview, going on to observe that while this fundamental creativity can be lost over time, “the teacher’s role is to help rediscover it.”

The efforts of those teachers and their students are on display throughout the annual. The work of over 100 SVA students, studying with several members of the College’s faculty, was selected to represent the best new advertising and graphic design talent, more than any other college in the book. Graphis also introduces its new Platinum Award—given to instructors “whose inspiration consistently produced outstanding work,” as seen in the number of their students chosen for the annual—and all of the names on the inaugural slate of winners are advertising and graphic design faculty members from SVA: Frank Anselmo, Jack Mariucci, Jeffrey Metzner and Kevin O’Callaghan. For information on ordering the Graphis New Talent Annual 07/08, visit

Image: Graphis New Talent Annual 07/08.

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