Talent Spotted

August 10, 2007

International Talent Support (ITS), an Italian networking group dedicated to promoting the work of young creative professionals in the fashion and photography industries, has picked Jing Quek (BFA 2007 Photography) as the winner of the MiniInternational Photo Award and the Pitti Imagine Photo Award in the ITS#Six competition. Quek will receive a cash prize, along with the opportunity to have work included in each award sponsor’s upcoming campaigns. The winners were selected by the members of the ITS#Six jury, which included Diesel Creative Director Wilbert Das, Italian fashion journalist Daniela Fedi and designer Sophia Kokosalaki.

In addition, SVA sponsored one of the competition’s prizes, the SVA PhotoGlobal Award. The prize offers a one-year tuition and housing scholarship to the College’s international PhotoGlobal residency program, and was given to May Heek, a young photographer from the Netherlands. For more information on the program, visit www.sva.edu/photoglobal.

Image: Jing Quek, Singapore Idols (Grasscutters), 2007.

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