Last Weeks

July 27, 2007

Two alumni have shows going on just outside of the city, both of which are in their last weeks: Joe Fig (BFA 1991 Fine Arts, MFA 2002 Fine Arts) has “The Studio in Miniature: Joe Fig” at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, through Sunday, August 5. Fig creates miniaturized replicas of the studios of well-known artists, both past and present, including East End residents Jackson Pollack, Chuck Close and the adjoining studios of April Gornik and Eric Fischl. These miniature worlds replicate in obsessively accurate detail every tangible facet of the artist’s studio, from the bottle of Evian on the floor to the brand-name can of turpentine on the painting table.

In Hudson, NY, Lucy Reitzfeld (BFA 1976 Illustration) is showing new paintings at the John Davis Gallery’s Carriage House through Sunday, August 12. Reitzfeld’s oil paintings depict colorfully abstract landscapes, with thick brushwork making the sun’s rays and ripples of water tangible on the canvas.

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