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April 13, 2007

Despite rallying efforts by numerous organizations (including SVA), the ongoing genocide in Darfur has yet to drive many governments to firm action. BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department student Julissa Ortiz wanted to change that, so she is spearheading a new project through the College’s SVA-UNICEF student club. Ortiz designed a button and postcard that says “Stop the Genocide” and includes a message to U.S. Senators to intervene in Africa. The club’s members are distributing the cards around campus through Tuesday, May 1, urging students, faculty and staff to sign. The goal is to deliver 1,000 signed cards to the offices of New York State’s Senators, Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

“We are asking for our government to provide more humanitarian help,” says Ortiz. “At the same time, we want to create awareness within the SVA community about this problem and let the students know that they can make a big difference in the world.” After this initial run of the project, Ortiz and her fellow club members will be organizing a second postcard drive during the 2007 new-student orientation in the fall, hoping to gather another 1,000 cards. To get a postcard or more information on the project, contact Tina Crayton, associate director of student activities, at tcrayton@sva.edu.

Image: Julissa Ortiz, Stop the Genocide postcard, 2007.

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