Sound and Vision

February 23, 2007

MFA Computer Art Department faculty member Kurt Ralske is presenting a new multimedia work, Untitled (Room Piece), on Friday, February 23, 8 – 11pm, at Diapason Gallery, 1026 Sixth Avenue, #2S. The piece combines Ralske’s video work with audio by composer Michael J. Schumacher, with each element running through systems that interact with each other and constantly unfold into new permutations.

The audio portion is generated by a software process that makes complex, ongoing decisions about tone, duration and intensity; Ralske’s video component uses a second software process that “listens” to the audio and visualizes it as a three-dimensional model of cryptic forms. Together, the two components create fresh sounds and visuals in real time. “The work is of infinite duration,” says Ralske, “but it will run for three hours at Diapason—come or go as you please.”

Image: Kurt Ralske and Michael J. Schumacher, from Untitled (Room Piece), 2007.

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