At the Lectern

February 16, 2007

Two notable events are set to appear in SVA’s Amphitheater. The undergraduate Honors Program presents a lecture by British artist Steven Pippin. Pippin has long been interested in investigating the photographic process; during his career he has turned refrigerators, bathrooms, even entire houses into cameras. Since 1991 he has also made sculptural machines, which have interconnected moving parts that spin, flip or rotate, like a gyroscope, around a stable central point, which houses an image or object. He will speak on Thursday, February 22, 7pm, in the Amphitheater, 209 East 23rd Street, 3rd floor.

A few days later, the Amphitheater will play host to Digital Diving: A Cut and Paste Update, a panel discussion co-hosted by the BFA Fine Arts and Art History Departments on digital culture and its impact on the visual arts and information technologies. Concepts to be explored are the uses and abuses of such technologies as they effect the acquisition and manipulation of knowledge. The discussion will be moderated by BFA Fine Arts Department Chair Suzanne Anker, and the panelists will include Executive Director Lauren Cornell, digital artist and faculty member Joseph Nechvatal, printmaker Judith Solodkin, MFA Computer Art Department Chair Bruce Wands and author McKenzie Wark. Digital Diving will take place on Tuesday, February 27, 7pm. Both events are free and open to the public.

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