Manga Mania

December 8, 2006

The latest big trend in the world of comics and cartooning can be summed up in one word: Manga. Growing out of a style of Japanese cartooning and easily identifiable by its compact 5×7” size and expressive black-and-white art, Manga books have an enormous following and an eager worldwide audience.

That audience can now check out two recently published Manga works by SVA alumni: June Kim (BFA 2003 Cartooning) has 12 Days out on the esteemed Tokyopop imprint, and Matthew Loux (BFA 2001 Illustration) has Sidescrollers on bookshelves from Oni Press. 12 Days is a romantic exploration of love and loss in which the main character, Jackie, consumes the ashes of her recently deceased lover Noah in an elaborate 12-day ritual. On the lighter side is Sidescrollers, which follows the comic exploits of Brian, Brad and Matt, a trio of affable slackers who are launched on an accidental adventure that involves an irate football team, a vengeful pack of Girl Scouts and an evil cat.

Image: Covers from 12 Days and Sidescrollers.

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