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December 1, 2006

Alumnus Kate Gilmore (MFA 2002 Fine Arts) is an artist who really puts herself into her work—literally. Gilmore’s video pieces typically feature a performance in which she struggles against her materials and often the very process of creation—in Main Squeeze, Gilmore’s clothes and body suffer the effects of her travels through a tunnel that grows smaller and smaller. That new work, along with Anything…, is now on display in “Hopelessly Devoted” at Brooklyn’s Pierogi gallery, 177 North 9th Street in Williamsburg, through Saturday, December 23. Gilmore also has a pair of older pieces—2004’s Heart Breaker and 2005’s With Open Arms—as part of “Heartbreaker,” a group show at Mary Boone Gallery, 745 Fifth Avenue, through Saturday, December 16.

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