A Banner Idea

December 1, 2006

Starting Tuesday, December 5, visitors to the east side of SVA’s campus will be able to see a large-scale version of a new work by board member and longtime faculty member Milton Glaser. The side of the College’s building at 209 East 23rd Street will have a 38×28′ vinyl banner bearing the slogan, “Darfur: What Happens in Darfur Happens to Us,” along with arresting images that address the genocide in the region of western Sudan. “It is our job to keep up the pressure on this despicable event,” says Glaser. “The European Holocaust was a demonstration of how human indifference added to the disaster.”

The banner is part of a larger campaign to raise awareness of the Darfur crisis, funded by SVA and created by Glaser to benefit the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The IRC is a global leader in emergency relief, rehabilitation and protection of human rights, and an active partner in Darfur—delivering lifesaving aid, protection for women and girls, and speaking out for global action on behalf of Sudanese people. A poster version of the banner appeared on NYC subway platforms during the month of November and will be posted inside 250 subway cars through January 2007.

Image: Milton Glaser, Darfur: What Happens in Darfur Happens to Us, 2006.

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