Take the L Train

October 27, 2006

The art scene in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood continues to heat up, and two SVA artists have new shows in the area. Erik Guzman (MFA 2003 Fine Arts, BFA 1996 Fine Arts) presents “The Lost Sense,” a collection of works consisting of a multitude of finely cut parts of aluminum, glass and plastics. Each of these elements converge to create mechanical devices that rotate, point, generate sound and illuminate without obvious or logical results. Guzman’s objects are on view Friday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm, at The Front Room gallery, 147 Roebling Street, through Sunday, November 19.

Also in Williamsburg, BFA Fine Arts Department faculty member David Sandlin is showing a series of recent paintings under the banner “Ire-Town: Paintings for the Age of Unenlightenment,” along with two accompanying books, The Avengelist and Wrathland. Sandlin’s works use pun-packed images and large-scale presentations to address modern-day issues of fear and willful ignorance. The show is taking place at artMovingProjects, 166 North 12th Street, open Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 6pm, through Sunday, December 17.

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