Simply Stunning

October 27, 2006

When Nikon put its new D80 digital camera into the hands of 16 East Coast photographers, the company wanted to create an ad campaign for the new product with the best images that came back. Nikon looked through the portfolios submitted by the photographers and narrowed the field down to a select group of images for a print and Web campaign called “Stunning is Nikon.” BFA Photography Department senior Amy Elkins was among the finalists, with digital photos she shot in New Orleans this past August making the cut. Elkins’ work, along with the other top photos, ran in an ad placed in a recent issue of Newsweek and can be seen online at

In other BFA Photography Department news, faculty member Marc Joseph’s book, New and Used, has just been published by Steidl. The book features richly detailed color photographs of hardcover and paperback books, LPs, CDs and cassettes, all conjuring up the experience of buying them new or browsing around in used book/record stores. Joseph and editor Damon Krukowski also assembled essays and short fiction by musicians, novelists, critics and others to accompany the images. There will be a book signing for New and Used at the Strand, 828 Broadway, 2nd floor, on Wednesday, November 1, 7pm.

Image: Amy Elkins, “Perfect Love,” New Orleans, LA, 2006.

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