Right Rate

September 22, 2006

Some recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Education are showing SVA on the leading edge of a national trend. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings just released the 2004 information (the most recent year for which data are available) on the default rate for the federal Stafford Loan Program, and SVA came in with a low 2.5%, a positive performance that is also an improvement on the previous year’s already-low 3.2% rate.

“This downward trend is a clear-cut positive for us,” says William Berrios, director of the Office of Financial Aid, “especially considering that the Department of Education saw an overall increase in loan defaults during the same time. I think this shows that SVA is doing a good job of working closely with our students on preparing them for loan repayment.” The national loan-default rate for 2004 was 5.1%.

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