A Sprinkle of Love

August 11, 2006

Notable alumnus Annie Sprinkle (BFA 1986 Photography) has never been shy about making art on the creative edge. A self-described “prostitute/porn star turned performance artist/sexologist,” Sprinkle has been mixing smart sexual politics with an outrageous sense of humor for more than 30 years. Her latest project is Love Art Laboratory, which involves a seven-year commitment to make art about love. From 2005 – 2011, Sprinkle and collaborator Elizabeth M. Stephens, chair of the art department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, are creating annual multi-media and performance projects based on the year’s theme: Security, Survival (2005); Sexuality, Creativity (2006); Courage, Power (2007); Love, Compassion (2008); Communication (2009); Bliss, Intuition (2010); and Union, Wisdom (2011).

The Love Art Laboratory conceptual works and performance pieces are detailed on the project’s online home, www.loveartlab.org. Each year, the duo creates a performance-art wedding; the site features an album of photos from the 2006 piece, Orange Wedding #2, which Sprinkle and Stephens performed on July 2 at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. Sprinkle and Stephens are also contributing work to the second annual Alumni Society Auction, taking place at SVA on Tuesday, September 26. Visit the online catalogue at www.sva.edu/alumni starting Monday, August 14.

Image: Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth M. Stephens; photo: Julian Cash.

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