Of Service

June 30, 2006

For the last five years, SVA’s new-student orientation has included a Day of Service (DOS), sending students around the city

to perform community service. One of the regular DOS locales has been Hudson Guild, a community center in

New York City ’s Chelsea neighborhood. SVA students have painted murals, served the needy at Thanksgiving, played games

during Senior Citizen’s night and provided toys for underprivileged children during Christmas. This week, Hudson Guild

honored SVA for its outstanding volunteerism over the years. Associate Director of Student Activities Tina Crayton,

who coordinates all of SVA’s student community service efforts, attended Hudson Guild’s annual meeting on Wednesday, June 28,

where she was among those receiving awards from the organization. “Hudson Guild is an amazing place because it serves the

neighborhood so well and really makes a difference. Volunteering at Hudson Guild is always a worthwhile experience and the

students love it. It is an honor to be recognized for something we love to do.”

Current SVA student Brian Gonzalez (BFA Film, Video and Animation Department) is also being recognized for his

socially conscious work. His short film about HIV/AIDS, It’s the Buzz, is one of five winners of Film Your Issue, a contest in which young filmmakers create 30-to-60 second films

focused on a pressing social issue. Gonzalez is one of five finalists, each of whom received an award at a ceremony held at

the United Nations on Monday, June 19.

Image: (left to right) Tina Crayton, Melissa Merkel (BFA 2006 Animation), Jamie Schneider (Hudson Guild), Lauren Moore

(Hudson Guild) and Lisa Labracio (BFA 2006 Animation); photo by Kirstin Swanson.

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