MTV Monster Mash

February 24, 2006

Recent visitors to New York City’s Times Square found themselves face to face with a large-scale display of work by SVA alum Nathan Fox (MFA 2002 Illustration as Visual Essay). On Monday, January 9, the windows of the MTV Store at 44th Street and Broadway were wrapped with a translucent vinyl mural, designed by Fox, using snowboarding monsters to promote an X-Games snowboarding sweepstakes being run by MTV. “The only real direction was that it had to deal with snowboarding in one way or another,” says Fox. “I came up with the idea of monsters and snowboarding – what would it be like if snowboarding was a snowboard-or-be-eaten scenario? Competitive mountain monster sports!” The extreme sports commission comes just as Fox is wrapping up designing a new line for Instant Winner Skateboards.

Photo by Mr. Marz.

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