Statistically Speaking

September 23, 2005

The 2005-06 academic year is only a few weeks old, and already it’s been a record-breaking year for SVA. The incoming class of students is the largest ever for the College, with the Office of Admissions posting a record number of applications (3,359), acceptances (2,253), enrollments (1,077) and registrants (1,016). In addition, the Office of Residence Life is setting its own records, with 1,018 students requesting spots in SVA’s residence halls, a nearly 10% jump from the previous year. According to Javier Vega, executive director of admissions and student affairs, “I’m pleased that we’re setting records – we’ve got a great staff who are presenting the premier art college in the country to potential and incoming students.”

On top of that, the U.S. Department of Education has notified the Office of Financial Aid that its hard work is showing tangible results. For the 2003 fiscal year (the most recent year for which data are available), SVA’s students had a loan-default rate of only 3.2% – down from 3.9% the previous year, and well below the national average of 4.3%. William Berrios, the director of financial aid at SVA, says this impressive accomplishment is due to “the efforts of the entire financial aid staff in debt management and default prevention initiatives,” and especially notes the work of Gary Hayes, associate director of data management, and Vega, Berrios’ predecessor in financial aid.

Image: (l-r) William Berrios, director of financial aid; Javier Vega, executive director of admissions and student affairs; Terese Nehra, director of admissions; and Gary Hayes, associate director of data management; photo by Brian Glaser.

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