One by One

September 16, 2005

On Monday, September 12, an image of a black hand with fingers the colors of the five races and the caption “We Are All African” began a month-long run on 250 telephone kiosks around New York City. The poster, created by legendary designer, faculty and board member Milton Glaser and funded by SVA, expresses the need for empathy and a change of consciousness to deal with the overwhelming problem of political and social indifference to poverty; this issue applies not only to Africa but also to the current disaster on the Gulf Coast.

Glaser explains his motivation by stating: “For all of us in the communication business, the thought that another generation would look back at us and say, ‘How could they have been so indifferent and callous to human suffering?’ drove me to respond.” The campaign is aimed to break during the 2005 U.N. World Summit in NYC, directing people to, an anti-poverty information resource that lists a variety of African and global charities, including the International Rescue Committee and the American Red Cross. In addition to its circulation throughout the city, the poster will be available for purchase on SVA’s Web site ($35) and Milton Glaser Inc.’s poster site ($35; $100 signed by Milton Glaser), with all proceeds going to charity.

Image: Milton Glaser, We Are All African, 2005.

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