Cool Beans

September 30, 2005

A recent CD by Steve Pullara (BFA 1979 Fine Arts) and His Cool Beans Band has won 2005 Honors from the National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA). A Big Bowl Of Musicroni is a family-friendly disc of songs the provide a positive, educational view of Italian-American culture, including “Paesans in History” and “Hop Along Che Si Dice.” And the SVA connection doesn’t stop with the music: Steve’s brother and fellow alumnus Paul Pullara (BFA 1980 Graphic Design) worked with him to design the CD’s cover art. The Cool Beans Band is playing a full schedule of concerts for kids (and their parents) in the Northeast throughout the fall; visit the band’s Web site for dates and details.

Image: Paul Pullara and Steve Pullara, A Big Bowl of Musicroni CD cover, 2005.

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