Darth Lego

June 10, 2005

As part of the summer’s Star Wars mania, several BFA Computer Art Department alumni worked on an elaborate promotional animation for cable TV’s Cartoon Network. Martin Boksar (2004), Eric Cheng (2003), Matt Connolly (2003), Rie Ito (2005), Hung Kit-Ma (2004), Juan Pablo-Chen (2004), Andrew Romatz (2003) and Ruel Smith (2004) of Treehouse Animation created Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick, a short film that humorously reimagines several key elements from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as LEGO animations – all of the characters, spaceships and scenic elements appear to be created entirely from the toy building-blocks, and even the explosions feature the sound of tumbling plastic blocks. To view Revenge of the Brick, visit www.treehouseanimation.com.

Image: Treehouse Animation, LEGO/Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick cinema poster, 2005.

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