Out of the Gutter

March 10, 2005

MTV viewers may have noticed a new set of characters adorning the cable channel’s on-air promo spots, the Gutterpups. These animated creatures were co-created by Hitomi Watanabe, a senior in the BFA Graphic Design Department who has been working in an internship at MTV since June 2003, along with fellow senior Ikuko Oyamada. Together, the designers have been responsible for creating popular items that are sold in the MTV store, such as notebooks, mugs, umbrellas and tote bags, and recently Wantabe worked with SVA instructor Stacy Drummond on a new logo for MTV2, featuring a two-headed dog. Watanabe’s work on the Gutterpups represents her first major on-air assignment, and comes as she and Oyamada prepare to begin full-time jobs at the channel after graduation.

Image: Hitomi Watanabe, MTV Gutterpups, 2004.

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