Thrice as Nice

February 25, 2005

The three Project Rooms in Chelsea’s Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, Suite 1502, are currently housing a trio of new exhibitions from the BFA Fine Arts Department. “Print Additions,” curated by Fine Arts Printmaking Coordinator Gunars Prande; “Short Cuts to a Long Story,” curated by instructor Stephen Ellis; and “Installation/Performance (Closer Than That),” curated by instructor David Chow, each showcase the diversity of the department’s work. “Print Additions” features silkscreen, lithography and etching in combination with hand drawing and computer output; “Short Cuts to a Long Story” finds students using a variety of media to tell visual tales; and “Installation/Performance (Closer Than That)” brings the artists and materials into a 3D engagement with the viewer.

On Tuesday, February 22, artists and instructors from all three exhibitions joined gallery goers at the Visual Arts Gallery for an opening reception. Attendees were treated to several works that defied traditional presentation: Many of the pieces in “Print Additions,” such as those by Andres Martinez, were clusters of small prints that built larger visual themes, which were juxtaposed by larger, yet subtly decorated prints by Min Park; “Short Cuts” featured a wide range of media, including Jay King’s staccato video/music tapestry on a small monitor and Dooeol Lee’s colorfully decorated world map suspended across an upper corner of the gallery space; and “Installation/Performance” ran the gamut from Karen Miranda’s performance, involving clay spheres that she shaped and arranged on the gallery floor, to Carolyn Agis’ library checkout cards, which ran across the lower edge of the room’s walls. All three exhibitions will be on display through Saturday, March 5.

Image: Karen Miranda, Untitled, 2005, from “Installation/Performance (Closer Than That)”; photo by Brian Glaser.

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