Iznik Exhibition Opening

February 11, 2005

On Thursday, January 27, the Turkish Ambassador to the United States, Baki Ilkin, and members of the Iznik Foundation, the Turkish-American Business Forum and the Moon and Stars Project joined the SVA community at the Visual Arts Gallery in Chelsea. The occasion was the opening reception for “Iznik, Legendary Ceramics from Turkey: An Art Reborn,” an exhibition of Turkish ceramics from the 16th century and the present. Curator Peter Hristoff, a painter and instructor in the BFA Fine Arts Department, spearheaded the exhibition of tiles, plates and other ceramics made in the Turkish town of Iznik using a visual style and technique born of over 400 years of craftsmanship.

The Iznik Foundation’s Mehmet Akbaygil presented SVA President David Rhodes with a two-part, custom-made tile that reads “School of Visual Arts” in beautiful, flowing script against an immaculately glazed white background. The audience of students, staff and faculty mingled with Turkish dignitaries and guests in the Visual Arts Gallery and were treated to authentic Turkish food, donated by New York City’s Turkish Kitchen, as well as Iznik pieces on loan from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition is on display through Saturday, February 26.

Image: Mehmet Akbaygil and SVA President David Rhodes; photo by Marisa Marchitelli, 2005.

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