Turkish Delight

January 14, 2005

School of Visual Arts, the Iznik Foundation of Istanbul, Turkey, and the Moon and Stars Project of New York bring “Iznik, Legendary Ceramics from Turkey: An Art Reborn” to the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, Suite 1502. The first exhibition of its kind in the United States, “Iznik” brings to life a traditional Turkish ceramic art from a town in Northwest Turkey, an art that has been lost for the last three centuries. With more than 50 examples of superb quartz tiles, plates and vessels, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see recent works alongside traditional 16th-century examples on loan from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The presentation includes documentation of architectural Iznik masterpieces and touches upon the renaissance of Iznik-style production in Turkey today.

The exhibition is curated by BFA Fine Arts Department instructor Peter Hristoff and is on display in the Visual Arts Gallery, January 15 – February 26; there will be a reception on Thursday, January 27, 6 – 8pm.

Image: Turkish. Iznik Chini, 2004; detail from a tile based on 16th century “Sazyolu” design; from “Iznik, Legendary Ceramics from Turkey: An Art Reborn.”

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