Forty and Accounting

January 7, 2005

As the new year begins, Lou Seda is marking his 40th anniversary of working at the College, having started at SVA in the fall of 1966. Currently the director of the Office of Student Accounts, Seda began with a job in the mailroom and then left to serve in the Army. Upon returning, Seda was personally hired back by SVA Chairman and Founder Silas H. Rhodes to work in the Bursar’s office. He served as assistant to the Bursar for several years before ascending to the Bursar’s position, all while pursuing degrees in economics and business at night. Throughout, Seda has always felt clear support from the College and notes that “the Rhodes family has always been wonderful, kind and generous to me.” Thinking back over four decades, Seda says, “I hope that in all these years I have made an impact or a difference beneficial to SVA.” The College has certainly benefited from his tenure and congratulates Seda on this anniversary.

Image: Photo by Brian Glaser.

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